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Authored books: 

Laura Colombino, Spatial Politics in Contemporary London Literature: Writing Architecture and the Body, New York and London: Routledge, 2013.

Laura Colombino, Ford Madox Ford: Vision, Visuality and Writing, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2008. 

Edited books: 

Sara Haslam, Laura Colombino and Seamus O'Malley (eds), The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford, 2019. 

Laura Colombino and Max Saunders (eds), The Edwardian Ford Madox Ford, IFMFS 12, Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2013.

Laura Colombino (ed.), Ford Madox Ford and Visual Culture. International Ford Madox Ford Studies, vol. 8. Rodopi: Amsterdam & New York, 2009. 

Selected articles and book chapters: 

Art and cultural criticism 

‘"Crash it All Together": Lee Bul, J.G. Ballard and the Sublime’, in Stephanie Rosenthal (ed.) Lee Bul, catalogue of the exhibition Lee Bul: Crashing (London: Hayward Gallery, 30 May–19 Aug 2018) London: Hayward Publishing, 2018.Exhibition website:

‘“Eine Art Crashness”: Lee Bul, J.G. Ballard und das Erhabene”’, Lee Bul. Ausst. Kat. Hayward Gallery, London 2018 | Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin 2019 | Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul 2019 Taschenbuch – 3. September 2018, pp. 141–43. 

Literary and cultural criticism

‘Idealism, Farce and International Heterotopias: Aristocracy in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day’, in Ian Duncan, Stefania Michelucci and Luisa Villa (eds), Representations of the British Aristocracy: 19th Century – Present, JeffersonMcFarland. Forthcoming.

‘Ford, Vision and Media’ in Sara Haslam, Laura Colombino and Seamus O’Malley (eds),  The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford, 2019.

‘Ford and Urban Spaces’ in Sara Haslam, Laura Colombino and Seamus O’Malley (eds),  The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford, 2019.

‘Caring, Dwelling, Being: The Phenonenology of Vulnerability in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go’, in Jean-Michel Ganteau and Susana Onega (eds.), The Wounded Hero in Contemporary Fiction: A Paradoxical Quest, New York and London: Routledge. 2018.

'The body, the city, the global: spaces of catastrophe in Ian McEwan's Saturday', Textual Practice. Published online 24 Feb 2016; 2017, 31:4, 783–803.

‘Iain Sinclair: Complexity, Imagination and the Re-Enchanted Margins of London Orbital’ in Nick Hubble and Philip Tew (eds.), London in Contemporary British Fiction: The City Beyond the City, London: Bloomsbury. 2016 

‘Ford’s Literary Impressionism’, in Ashley Chantler and Rob Hawkes (eds), An Introduction to Ford Madox Ford, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2015, pp. 63-76.

‘Nature, Fascism and Social Satire: Aldous Huxley’s Interwar Italy’, in Luisa Villa (ed.), Modernism and the Mediterranean: Literature and Politics, 1900-1937, Roma: Aracne, 2014, 167-88

‘The Imagination of Space: Ford Madox Ford and France' in Andrew Radford and Victoria Reid (eds), Franco-British Cultural Exchanges, 1880-1940: Channel Packets, London: Palgrave, 2012, 168-86

‘The House As Skin: J.G. Ballard, Existentialism and Archigram’s Mini-Environments’, European Journal of English Studies, 2012, 16: 1, 21-31

‘A Transcultural Humanist Quest: Robert Byron's The Road to Oxiana’, in Massimo Bacigalupo and Luisa Villa (eds), The Politics and Poetics of Displacement: Modernism off the Beaten Track, Udine: Campanotto, 73-86

‘Introduction’, in Laura Colombino (ed.), Ford Madox Ford and Visual Culture, Rodopi: Amsterdam & New York, 2009, 17-26

‘Ford, Matisse and The Book of The Dead: The (In)visible Objects of The Rash Act and Henry for Hugh’, in Laura Colombino (ed.), Ford Madox Ford and Visual Culture, Rodopi: Amsterdam & New York, 2009, 235-50

‘Transcending the Human Scale: Ruins and Traumatised Cultural Memory in Texts on London by Michael Moorcock and Iain Sinclair’, Textus 21 (2007), 433-446.

‘The Ghostly Surfaces of the Past. A Comparison between Ford’s Fiction and A.S. Byatt’s The Virgin in the Garden’, in Paul Skinner (ed.), Ford Madox Ford: Literary Contacts, Rodopi: Amsterdam & New York, 2007, 237-248.

‘Negotiations with the System: J.G. Ballard and Geoff Ryman Writing London’s Architecture’, Textual Practice 20:4 (2006), 615-635.

‘Negotiating with Gauguin’s ‘Solar Myth’: Art, Economy and Ideology in Ford Madox Ford’s Provence’, in Caroline Patey, Giovanni Cianci and Francesca Cuojati (eds), Anglo-American Modernity and the Mediterranean, Milano: Cisalpino, 2006, 51-64.

‘We are horribly sensitive: Thomas Hardy e la psicofisica del sublime’, Rivista di studi vittoriani, 18-19 (Luglio 2004-Gennaio 2005), 121-50.

‘Photography and Other Similacra in The Good Soldier’, in Vita Fortunati and Elena Lamberti (eds), Ford Madox Ford and ‘The Republic of Letters’, Bologna: Clueb, 2002, 210-15.

‘Fra teorie burkiane e nostalgie romantiche: il sublime naturale in Thomas Hardy’, Quaderni del Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne 10 (1998), 167-200.


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